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“Learn the saxophone”

Ever wanted to?

My Saxophones

Now’s your chance, I offer “trial” lessons during which you can come along for a “taster” lesson, designed for those without their own instrument who are interested in taking up the Saxophone.You are welcome to have a lesson with me using one of my saxophones.

Why not take the plunge!

I teach Saxophone lessons for all ages, in all styles of playing at all levels of playing offering exam studies from the new ABRSM Jazz Grades curriculum.

I mainly teach within the jazz, soul, blues, pop, rock idiom but that doesn’t mean there are no classical studies, there are, they’re also great to play and learn from.

Along with African and Latin derived or influenced music I feel it’s important to at least appreciate how these various types of music are derived.

We look at and learn song form from various music sources but for those who want to concentrate on for example the blues, well that’s fine also.

The lessons are designed to be fun whilst increasing the knowledge base from lesson to lesson, so we concentrate on making you a musician from lesson #1 where we aim to be playing music straight away.


  1. How to produce a GREAT saxophone sound
  2. How to read music
  3. How to develop "playing by ear"
  4. Music theory (comprised of scales,arpeggios,chords,harmony)
  5. Technique (in the form of scale, arpeggio and music studies / etudes)
I aim to provide the student with all the tools in order to perform music competently, confidently and with some degree of finesse and more importantly to learn to teach themselves play music, based on a few simple principles.

Lessons are £25 per hour or £15 per half hour, I offer a 20% discount on the first lesson or on block bookings of 5.
This equates to 1 lesson in 5 free if you wish to pay in advance for hourly or half hourly lessons.
I prefer to teach from home but will consider travelling to your home if you prefer, see contacts page for details of where to find me and get in touch.
Please phone or email with enquiries or to book a lesson.

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